GuardLight™️ Light Bulb Cam


1080P HD | 360° Panoramic View | Easy Use and Install

Keep an Eye on Your Home
Anytime, Anywhere

24/7 Protection & Peace of Mind

Guardlight is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use security camera! Simply screw it into a light socket and then follow the manual to set up. The installation is as easy as replacing a light bulb! With built-in features


360° Panoramic View

Two-Way Audio

Real-Time Chat

Real-time Motion Tracking and Alerts

Wireless Connection & Remote Control

Easy Use and Install

Night Vision Technology


The Most Advanced Light Bulb
Security Camera


Night Vision

Automatically turns on night vision mode. The 8 infrared LED's lights reflect off objects allowing the camera to transmit HD video back to your phone.


Motion Tracking
& Real Time Alerts

The light bulb camera adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor, once the camera detects the movement of the object it will record and follow the object until it's out of range.


No Batteries
or Wiring Required

Just plug the camera into any light bulb socket, you'll hear two-beeps to alert the user it's connected. From there you can view all cameras from anywhere in the world.


Auto Tracking

When somebody move, the camera will be track automatically follow moving objects and record video, meantime notification push to your smartphone.

4 Easy Steps

Start Using Security Camera

Step 1

Unpack your GuardLight

Step 2

Download the app

Step 3

Scan the QR code on the camera

Step 4

Connect to your WiFi

(Only support 2.4 GHz wifi)
Easy to Use

Screws Directly into a Light Socket!

Wherever there is a light socket, you can protect your home and install your GuardLight! In addition to being a security camera, GuardLight also contains 4 super-bright LEDs to replace the light that was removed. That way, you've can have both security and light in one!

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