SolarGuard - Motion Sensing LED Floodlight (2 Pack)


Automatic Activation | High Brightness | IP65 Water-Resistant Grade

Ultra-Bright Solar-Powered
Floodlights You Can Hang Anywhere!

Outdoor Security Floodlight
Powered by The Sun

SolarGuard Wireless LED Floodlights with motion sensor activation are the perfect solution for those who want the security and convenience of high-powered floodlights without the expense and hassle installing wired outdoor lighting.

3 Working Modes

IP65 Water Resistant

Heat Resistant

3-5m Sensing Distance

100LED Lights

1200mA Lithium Battery

Solar Powered

Environmentally Friendly


The Best Floodlight You’ll Ever Buy


Hang Anywhere

SolarGuard is lightweight and can be attached to any surface using a screw or by using double-sided tape. Just be sure that it is positioned to receive hours of sunlight each day.


Night Lighting

Enjoy unrivaled brightness from a single SolarGuard, or set up many for an fully-lit outdoor experience. If hung at eye level, SolarGuard can cover more than 25 feet.


Charge During the Day

SolarGuard reaches a full charge after 8 hours of sunlight, so you will never have plug them in or manually charge them.


IP65 Waterproof

Neither rain nor snow nor other inclement weather can damage your SolarGuard, giving you peace of mind no matter the season.

Easy to Use

Secure Your Home With Motion
Sensor Outdoor Lights

Always be aware of what is going on around your house by trusting in SolarGuard’s motion sensor to capture movement and activate a powerful blast of light. Set up SolarGuard once and never worry about unwanted intruders sneaking in again.

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