GuardLight Instructions

Last Updated Nov 08, 2022

1. Download the App to your mobile phone. 

App name - FtyCamPro 

Search in Google Playstore or Apple Store.  

Alternatively – scan the QR Code below to go directly to the FtyCamPro App.

  • FtyCamPro
  • IOS App Store
  • Google Play
  • Android APK

2. Install the Wi-Fi Camera into a light socket – like any standard light bulb. 

The device will rotate and chime to confirm it has power.  

Please reinstall or try another light socket if the device does not rotate and chime. 

The device needs to rotate and chime to work.

3. Open the app on your mobile phone.  

  • Select Access directly at the top of the phone. 
  • Select “Connect2Device” in the top right corner. 
  • Select the button “To WIFI setting” in blue. 
  • Now select the available network that corresponds to your device. 

4. It will be a long network with letters and numbers. 

“FTZ103776ZIAWM” for example. 

Refresh the available networks on your screen if you do not see this type of network.  

Once connected, go back to the app. 

5. Select the icon in the top right corner to display multiple video interfaces - if you have other connected devices. 

6. Connect to home WiFi. 

Select the gear icon and then select “WiFi.” 

Select your home’s network and enter your password. 

7. Motion Detection  

Select the gear option and then select “Motion Detection” 

Turning this function on will allow the device to take pictures when there is motion/movement detected automatically. 

8. SD Card Management  

Select the gear option and then select “SD card management” 

Turning this function on will allow recording. There is a time selection to choose from here.  

Firmware upgrade function: This function can be used to upgrade the firmware after the device optimization function.

Note: If the application always fail, try checking the following:

A. The mobile phone is not connected to the AP hotspot of the camera.

The configuration is to connect the mobile phone to the hotspot of the camera.

B. Common routers are supported. Public routers that require login page authentication are not supported for the time being.

C. Pay attention to the network name, network password and UID when configuring.

D. Currently, Chinese Wifi name and password and special symbols are not supported.

E. Wifi signal of 5G is not supported.


Q1. Why can't the APP search detect the camera or can’t configure the network?

A: Please confirm that the device is connected normally, and check whether the APP usage permission is restricted.

Q2. Why does the camera always ask for a username and password, or rather, the incorrect user?

A: The default password of the camera is admin. If you forget the username and password, you can restore the camera to the factory settings to obtain the default username and password.

Q3. How can I restore the camera to factory settings?

A: Please press the reset button of the camera for about 5 seconds until the camera restarts.

Product Features:

  • Resolution: 1080P HD / 30 FPS
  • Night Vision: 33 Feet (10m)
  • Network Connection: Wifi / AP Hotspot
  • Socket: E27 Bulb Base (Fits your standard socket)
  • Storage: Up To 128GB (SD card) / Cloud Storage
  • Luminance: 12000 Lumen
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65
  • Material: Premium ABS + High-Quality Glass + Aluminium Alloy Wiring
  • Package Includes: 1x Wireless Light Bulb Camera, 1x E27 Bulb Socket, 2x Mounting Screws, 1x User Manual 
  • Connects directly to your home WiFi and Accessible anywhere in the world!
  • Works with any iPhone and Android Device
  • Motion Tracking that works flawlessly.
  • Night Vision is Astounding
  • No Monthly Cloud Storage Required - This camera has a slot to hold a 64 GB SD Card that keeps your recordings safe!
  • No Batteries Required, this camera works directly off your bulb outlet.
  • With the Phone app you'll be able to pan 360°. The camera pans left, right, up & down.
  • Smart Technology allows the camera to reconnect after any power outage.
  • Security Motion Light
  • All recordings are encrypted and can only be viewed by the admin user.
  • Voice Intercom, talk and listen at the same time

What is the camera resolution? 

Camera resolution is 1080p.

Still need help? Create a support request with our customer service team and we'd be happy to help.